4 Week Soils Internship – Jun/Jul 2013

Bio-fertiliser, specialist composting, and sustainable soil management internship at the Permaculture Research Institute Australia, comprising of a 5-Day course followed by a 3-week internship with Paul Taylor and Zaytuna Farm staff.

Beginning with the 5-day soils course we continue the internship to explore the dynamics and benefits of living soils, how living soils maintain a balanced fertility that is the foundation of sustainable production. Soil restoration, soil fertility, soil recovery, soil microbiology, specialist composting, growing beneficial soil organisms and organic bio-fertilisers are explored and explained in the classroom and experienced as hands on practical workshops in the field.

Following the 5-day soils course instruction and introduction to processes in the field, we continue to develop skills with practical experiences on the farm creating productive systems, during the formal internship.

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