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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn late 2009, Trust Nature was invited by the Australian Government to develop a proposal to produce fresh food for the inhabitants of Christmas Island. On the major challenges faced by the Island had been the lack of any home-grown produce, and the resultant need to import fresh fruit and vegetables at high cost and low end-quality.

After more than 7 years of concept development with the local community, Trust Nature, in partnership with Hidden Garden Sustainable Farms, have embarked on one of the most visionary and significant agricultural projects in the southern hemisphere – ensuring food security for the inhabitants of Christmas Island by creating the Island’s first organic farm.

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The 22 hectare farm will supply diverse, affordable and high-quality produce to Island residents, whilst converting much of the Island’s waste into high-grade compost and associated products for island-wide land environmental restoration.

The project is based on Trust Nature’s proven Bio-Vital soil management system, building soil fertility whilst maintaining and improving production.

The Farm will assist in sustainable development across the Island with the creation of a Sustainable Community Fund, and as an education and training centre, it will teach local and international students the principles and skills for sustainable food production in remote locations.

The Farm serves as a replicable model for other remote and isolated communities to strengthen their health, food security and economic self-reliance through sustainable organic food production.

You can find more information at the Hidden Garden website.

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