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As a leadership consultant and coach, Jennifer Lalor brings a professional dedication to the development of leaders who are committed to a career path of conscious transformation and personal mastery. In the service of the greater good of their enterprise and stakeholders, Jennifer brings leaders to a deep and embodied understanding of how to excel in the management of complexity as they move their businesses forward.

Jennifer believes that organisations embedding effective leadership practices engender trust, collaboration and diversity within their company, and as a result remain competitive and at the leading edge of their industry. She champions the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet, and sees building a strong organisational leadership culture as an imperative to success.

Jennifer understands that a leader’s primary source of power is an awareness of their strengths and their challenges, including the impact their leadership has on others. She coaches mangers and executives to develop an authentic leadership presence, shifting her clients out of subject matter expertise into embodied, values-based leadership. This gives them the capacity to hold multiple perspectives and to take new and more effective action. She has a unique capacity for listening beyond the spoken word, and challenges the teams she works with to become astute observers of the congruence between their words and behaviors, holding them accountable to their personal best. This comprehensive approach has built her an international reputation as a successful consultant, teacher and leadership coach across a range of corporate, community and non-profit sectors.

Highlights of completed work that provide an example of Jennifer’s creativity, deep engagement and dedication to her clients include:

  • Commissioned by a rapidly growing IT organisation, Jennifer collaborated on designing an internal cultural survey to identify and analyse the perceived gaps in leadership across the organisation. She also co-designed & implemented promisebased management systems, clarifying roles and accountabilities, thus enabling significantly more effective workflow. She facilitated conversations and meetings for the executive team, and supported the integration of embedded leadership practices that sustained a strong learning culture throughout the organisation.
  • Working for a large power-generation company, Jennifer co-designed an integrally based assessment, which formed the basis for the design and delivery of a program addressing the needs of an aging workforce. This program included managing knowledge attrition, transition into retirement, recruitment strategies, creating more flexible work paradigms, and the management of loss and grief in the workplace.
  • Designed a cross-functional (HR, Finance, Safety, etc.) and lateral leadership program in order to enhance managers’ influence and consulting skills across a global construction organisation.
  • Designed and implemented a team development process enabling a national construction company to support a move from diverse geographical locations into a blended environment. This process focused on communication skill building and conflict resolution.
  • Collaborated on the core faculty of an International Arts and Education Institute, teaching and training international students in somatic and arts based counselling and education.
  • Designed and delivered somatic-based lifestyle coaching programs for a large University in the Department of Family Medicine.
  • Collaborated on the Production Management team for the Walt Disney Company in USA and Paris, where she contributed to the planning and design of the Live Show Entertainment Department of Euro Disneyland and coordinated pre-opening special events.
  • Designed and delivered various presentations and seminars on education, leadership, counselling and communication skills at:
  • University of California, Berkeley
    • California Institute of Integral Studies
    • Sonoma State University
    • San Francisco State University
    • University of California, San Francisco
    • Southern Cross University, Australia

Over the past sixteen years, Jennifer has successfully completed leadership development assignments in both the US and Australia, in industries including:

  • International & national construction & mining
  • Civil construction
  • Utilities
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profits

In addition Jennifer has served on the boards of two non-profit organisations.

Jennifer is an Alumni of Curtin University Graduate School of Business, having completed her postgraduate degree in business leadership. She was one of the original Senior Associates of the Strozzi Institute in the US and was personally mentored by Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler. She is a certified Master Somatic Coach, certified Halprin Method Life/Art teacher, and has completed numerous career related seminars, workshops and trainings. She is also certified in using the Integral 360 Leadership Profile and is currently training in the Hogan Assessment tools.

Jennifer is a dual American/Australian citizen, based in northern New South Wales, and undertakes consulting and coaching assignments across Australasia.


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