Trust Nature was approached to help regenerate a highly degraded mine site and at the same time establish sustainable food production for surrounding villages in a remote area of Laos.

P1050609The project used a Permaculture food forest design combined with Trust Nature’s own Bio-Vital™ system to rebuilt soil fertility and establish the foundation for long term food production.

The highly compacted soil was first re-structured mechanically using earth-moving equipment. It has then been sprayed monthly with soil pro-biotic and bio-fertilizers, both made on site by the project team according to Trust Nature’s special recipes under the Biovital system.

In the space of 4 years, a lifeless highly compacted landscape has been transformed into a lush and abundant emerging forest, full of food for local communities.

The project is an example of Trust Nature’s ability to fast forwards natural systems, returning highly degraded sites back to high production sites in a very short and energy-efficient amount of time.

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