The Bio-Vital System

Trust Nature’s Bio-Vital™ System of Sustainable Soil Management was developed by Paul Taylor after many years of careful consideration. The Bio-Vital System is an easy to understand soil management system based in Natural Principles that combines traditional organic management with a robust understanding of the benefits of soil microbiology.

The core of Trust Nature’s work is teaching the Biovital system to people around the world, so they can become more self-reliant and more food abundant.

The system can be applied from everyone to home gardeners to large-scale farms to large-scale rehabilitation projects. It combines traditional practice with science and technology, organics with soil microbiology, and is firmly rooted in permaculture thinking.

The system reduces our reliance on expensive inputs, and helps the family farmer to remain profitable.

We de-mystify the complex sciences, and teach the system as an easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply management system.

We teach the system as a five day course, and we also design specialist training for professionals, larger farms, mine site recovery, waste management programs and communities in need.

The BioVital System is comprised of 5 fundamental components:



Compost as a soil inoculant has all the benefits of any “smell good” compost.

The point of difference it contains a high diversity of beneficial plant and soil microorganisms. More than 30% of the final product is living organisms that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to rebuild soil, increase fertility, and support our productive plants.



VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100Soil pro-biotic is a specialist ‘compost tea’, more specifically known as ‘Actively Aerated Compost Tea’.

It is based on the work of Dr Elaine Ingham.

It is made from the inoculum compost, and literally turns 100,000s of beneficial organisms into thousands of millions in a tank of water.

With just 6L of compost, we can make 1000L of liquid pro-biotic ready to spray out onto productive crops and degraded soils.



DSC06819Which is made as a fermentation of on-farm products that can replace expensive inputs and fertilizers.

What we teach at Trust Nature is how to make a range of on-farm inputs, including soil amendments, bio-fertilisers, extractions and slurries. These are foundation products for nutrient self-reliance that aid soil regeneration because they feed the plants and the soil microbes.



Purple_Cowpea_Heirloom_Seeds_Organic_Sanctuary_Organic_Permaculutre_SeedsIf you are serious about repairing degraded soils and managing fertility, you must have your soil covered with something at all times, whether it be living plants, dead plant material, or mulch.



We’ve given away our management rights to fertilizer salesmen.

As land managers and food producers, we need to reclaim our management rights, so we understand the needs of our productive systems, and relearn management through observation.

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