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Photo 7-06-12 20 09 40At Trust Nature, we redefine sustainable agriculture as our ability to build soil fertility as we improve production.

Long-term productivity depends on vital living soils, rich in organic matter and soil micro-organisms. And this is where the importance of understanding soil microbiology comes in.

Soil microbiology has solved the mystery of why many traditional farming practices worked, but which were seldom scientifically understood. It is the fundamental basis of sustainable food production.

At Trust Nature, we have combined science, tradition and experience to create a unique system of Sustainable Soil Management which we call the Bio-Vital System.

The core of our work is teaching this system to people around the world, so that they can become self-reliant and food abundant. It can be applied by everyone from home gardeners to large scale farms and rehabilitation projects. We do this through workshops, both on and off the farm, and online training, as well as through our freely available learning portal and video collection.

DSCN2001We also act as consultants to individuals and organisations wanting to boost their soil fertility and achieve sustainable food production. We also offer permaculture design services, ranging from the humble backyard to large scale farms and mega-projects, such as on Christmas Island and in Mongolia.

The in-depth understanding of the practical side of soil science is what gives us the ability to move in the right direction, where we build soil fertility annually and reduce our reliance on expensive inputs while maintaining healthy production.

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