Meet Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion: Our Unique Bedtime Formula for Baby Skin

When it comes to choosing skin care products for our children, Trust Nature understands that only carefully selected ingredients will do. Because young skin can be especially vulnerable to additives – such as parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances, and artificial colours – it is essential to look for formulas that prioritise safety, as this formulation is toxicologist approved, and our manufacturing strictly follows the guidelines of GMP ISO 22716 and Australian Made. The Manuka Honey calming night lotion aims to soothe and care for your child’s skin.

With this in mind, we think you’ll appreciate the attention and care that has gone into developing one of our most popular products, the Disney Winnie the Pooh|Trust Nature Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion.

What is Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion?

Our formulation contains certified organic and natural ingredients, Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion was created as a bedtime cream that helps nurture baby skin. This carefully-curated blend of our favourite botanicals can be used to help reduce the appearance of dryness, and redness, which are common in baby skin.

Key components we’ve chosen for this amazing formula include:Manuka Honey – Our main ingredient in this product, Manuka Honey, is naturally humectant, and soothing. In skincare, it may help provide an additional layer of intense moisture and surface protection.

Australian Avocado Oil – Nourishing avocado oil is known to be full of vital nutrients, including omega fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, D, and E. When applied topically, it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

Aloe Vera – With its rich water-content, aloe vera is very hydrating and cooling. For centuries, it has been used to address skin redness.

Chamomile – A popular choice for sensitive skin care formulas, chamomile works well amongst other gentle and supportive ingredients due to being hydrating, and moisturising.Calendula – From the beautiful calendula flower, calendula extract works similarly to other calming ingredients by encouraging moisture retention and protecting the skin against visible signs of dryness.

Shea Butter – The creamy, emollient texture of shea butter makes it an amazing base to add to any cosmetic blend, thanks to a host of complexion-conditioning benefits.

Who is Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion for?
Because it is gentle and pH-balanced for supporting sensitive skin, Manuka Honey Calming Night Lotion is suitable for all ages, but particularly beneficial for babies and young children. It can be applied nightly after bathtime, before bedtime, or really any time it is needed, to treat your little ones to a bit of calming care.

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