What are GMP and ISO certifications?
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, it relates to very specific guidelines we have to follow to ensure that our skin & bodycare products are manufactured at a safe and high quality.

ISO 22716 relates to guidelines that we have to follow in terms of production, control, shipment and storage for our skin & bodycare products.

What is Manuka Honey?
Manuka Honey is a special because it is derived from the nectar of the manuka plant in New Zealand held at a much higher standard of quality. Traditional commercial honey is derived from sunflowers, clovers, or any plant that bees can collect honey from.

Why Australian Avocado Oil?
As an Australian company we love using Australian ingredients and have carefully picked these ingredients to ensure the skin of your child is left nourished and moisturised with Australian avocado oil having great vitamin A,C,D and E properties

Do you use parabens or sulphates?
We do not use parabens or sulphates in any of our products.

Are your skincare and bodycare products parabens and sulphates free?
Yes they are

Where are Trust Nature products made?
Trust Nature products are all made in Australia, and our manuka honey is from New Zealand